Guest Post: Painted Peak Brewing

Guest author Dan here.  I wanted to offer my review for this brewery located in the beautiful mountains of southwestern Virginia.  I was back in town recently for my 20 year high school reunion and took an extra 10 minute drive to this brewery in the sleepy main street of Tazewell, Virginia.  There’s not a lot in this small town “downtown” but it’s in a nice location. We went there on an early Saturday afternoon and there were a reasonable amount of patrons enjoying the beer and food.

Painted Peak Brewing: The Essentials

It’s got a nice bar and open seating area with a view of some country fields through nearly floor to ceiling windows.  Music was classic 80s and 90s featuring Metallica, ZZ T   op, and a variety of rock.

Brews to Choose

Flights come in batches of 4.  They are very reasonably priced, especially by DC standards.  

  • Fog Stalker IPA.  Dubbed “Pineapple express” this New England IPA is solid.  Subtle but yet noticeable pineapple flavor that grew on me with each sip.  
  • Hefe.  Touted as having “balanced yeast notes of banana, clove, and bubblegum” this one was not available on tap but we grabbed a 22 oz bottle to go.  Very smooth, actually noticed the bubblegum flavor which balanced well with the usual hefeweizen profile.
  • Pellissippi Pale Ale.  Once again they really got the description right so I’ll use their words, “bold American take on a English classic.”  Easy drinking, not too dark beer for a nice summer afternoon.
  • Copperhead Red.  I’m usually just an average fan of Red Ales but this one surprised me.  It had a mild citrus hop flavor which really balanced out the red ale.

The Food

We had just had a huge brunch so did not sample the food.  However, the food has good reviews and everybody there seemed to be enjoying it.  The Appalachian street corn was highly recommended by our bartender. And unfortunately I didn’t have room in the stomach for “The Dan” sandwich.

Also Nearby

You probably won’t go to Tazewell for the abundance of activities.  But if you’re driving through southwest Virginia, the entire region is a beautiful area to take in.  Nearby Burke’s Garden is a scenic mountaintop valley that’s worth a visit. You can drive around or even rent a bike.  I’d highly recommend the 12 mile bike ride (which I haven’t done since I lived there 20+ years ago but remember being enjoyable).