Down on the Farm in Mt. Airy, MD

Mt. Airy is small town in rural Maryland, just a short drive from Frederick. I drive through it if I’m taking the back way home to Pennsylvania, and I never really thought much about stopping there. But much like the rest of the area, Mt. Airy has a thriving beer scene, anchored by two great farm-based breweries: Red Shedman and Milkhouse. After learning about them in a Frederick County tourism magazine, Mom and I decided to meet halfway and check both places out!

Red Shedman Farm Brewery

The first thing to note is that Red Shedman is located on the grounds of the Lingamore Wine Cellars, so it is a one stop shop for beverage connoisseurs. They’ve got a sprawling facility that boasts beautiful grounds and an event space – there was at least one birthday party happening out on the lawn and a wedding reception was about to begin.

The second thing to note about Red Shedman is the name. The namesake is a big of a boogeyman, an urban legend the brewer’s father used to spook his kids; a mysterious ghoul that went bump in the night and lived on the red shed that used to stand on the property. The red shed is long gone, but the boogeyman lives on in the beer.

Red Shedman offers snacks (hummus plates, chips and salsa, etc) and there was a fantastic BBQ truck there when we visited. We were there on a Saturday afternoon, and couldn’t stick around, but live music was advertised for that night.

Brews to Choose

The beer selection was surprisingly diverse. Mom stayed on brand and asked for “the hoppiest IPA you have.” I got a sampler of six, that included some really tasty tasters.

A couple standouts:

  • Barnstormer – this IPA really delivered. Just what we wanted on a warm, late summer afternoon.
  • Kryptonite – this gose did something remarkable. It was a sour that my mom liked! Lime and Agave flavored, this was the best beer of the day.  I went back for more of this one.
  • Lunatic Fringe – another good IPA. It’s infused with habanero and so has just a little heat to it.
  • Thai Basil Ginger Coconut Cider – I know it sounds funky, but it was really refreshing. Done in a small batch and so I was really happy we got a chance to try it.

After a round of drinks and lunch, we headed down the road to:

Milkhouse Brewing at Stillpoint Farm

Milkhouse is located just under four miles from Red Shedman, but expect to drive through THE COUNTRY on the way there. I love how in the middle of nowhere both places feel, even though they are located less than an hour drive from both DC and Baltimore.

Like Stillpoint, it’s located on really beautiful land.  The space in general was a little bit smaller. The tap room was located inside the farmhouse and there are only a few tables there. That’s ok, because there is a great covered patio out back. So grab a flight and head outside. They also offer local cheeses to go with your beer.

Brews to Choose

When in Frederick County I wear my Attaboy swag! #daysdonetimeforone

I found the draft selection at Milkhouse a little more traditional than Red Shedman’s, but there was still a lot to enjoy.

  • The Stairway IPA is a must add to your flight. They also had a version on cask there, but I preferred the original.
  • The Fieldhand Tart Table beer was a surprise. Really simple, but enjoyable. Another good warm weather drinker.
  • I’d recommend trying any of Reserve Series they have on tap when you are there: they tend to one a done.  When I was there they were offering a tasty Pale Saison.

What other hidden gems in Maryland do I need to check out? And should we open a brewery on the old family farm?

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