The LoCo Lowdown: Finding Solace in Great IPAs!

My parents were in town last weekend and Saturday morning they said “hey, do you want to hit up a brewery?” knowing that the answer to that question is always yes! it gave me a chance to hit up one of the local breweries that’s been on my local bucket list for awhile.

Solace Brewery: The Essentials

Solace is located just on the other side of Dulles Airport, so it’s a little bit of a trick to get there coming from East (the quickest way to get there is definitely the Dulles Tool Road, but you’ll pay more than once to get there). I’ve been really enjoying seeing their flagship beers that have been showing up across DC and Arlington in recent months. Their location does not disappoint – it’s big and open and has tons of room for all kinds of beer drinkers – whether it’s the kids or the biker guys and gals. There’s no real food on site, but there was a food truck and it looks like there is one most weekends. Check their website for specific details.

Brews to Choose

  • If you are an IPA fan, this place is for you. Solace has not one, not two, but three awesome IPAs. I like to start with the aptly named Lucy Juicy. It’s a double with a ton of flavor.
  • From there, go hazy with their NE styled Partly Cloudy.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to try their session Suns Out, Hops Out. You’ll like it so much, you’ll be buying a tank top with the been named emblazoned on it.
  • What else is good? I was really surprised to enjoy their Beach Bod, a Belgian wit infused with Watermelon.
  • Flights come in batches of six, and you can also get half pours if you want to keep sampling!

Until next time, Best Brews!