Brew Crawling in My Hometown: Hanover, PA (part 3)

Today is the third part of our weekly coverage of the best places to get craft beer in my hometown of Hanover, PA! Our next stop is just a few steps away from Miscreations – just head out the front door, turn left, and walk around the Clark Shoes outlet. Fun Hanover Fact: I spent my summers in college working at that Clark’s Outlet! But back to the beer.

Something Wicked: The Essentials

The first thing you’ll notice when walking into Something Wicked is the giant mural on the wall covered entirely with beer related quotes. I’ve been to Something Wicked 3-4 times now and each time I find a new favorite.

“Work is the curse of the drinking class” – no truer words have ever been spoken.

Brews to Choose

Flights here let you pick five – and they are generous 5 oz pours!

  • You’ll need to try their Sinful 2.0 – it’s their flagship IPA. I prefer it to the Nyx (pronounced like the Greek goddess of night and not N/Y/X.) Another fun fact! Nyx is the name of the nightclub run by Hades in my novels Fleeced and Bullheaded. But I’m sure you knew that already.
  • The Aura is a Belgian Pale Ale and was another really tasty try.
  • The beer of the night was the Asmodeus – Demon of Wrath and Lust. With a name like that, what’s not to like? This 12.2% imperial milk stout is boozy and spicy – two of my favorite attributes for both beer and people!

Even More Beer!

Still need more beverages? I’d recommend heading down the street a few blocks to the newly renovated “The Circle” (previously known as the Winner’s Circle). The Circle has almost 200 different beers in cans/bottles. They’re an Untapp’d verified venue, which makes finding your right beer a little less overwhelming. I had a Plum IPA from Breckenridge while I was there and my parents got to try their first Grapefruit Sculpin! (#soproud). The circles also tends to have live music on the weekends. Check them out at:

Which Hanover brewery is your favorite? Let me know, and best brews!


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