Brew Crawling in My Hometown: Hanover, PA (part 1)

Thanksgiving was last week and I’ve got so much to be thankful for: great friends, fantastic family (including a brand new niece), and I just put the finishing touches on my eleventh (!!!) National Novel Writing Month project. Other things I’m thankful for? The growing beer scene in my hometown of Hanover, PA!

Located in South Central Pennsylvania, Hanover is the self-described snack food capital of the world. Snyder’s Pretzels and Utz Chips are just two of the snack companies that call Hanover home. Over the last few years, craft beer has made its way big time into Hanover, and on Black Friday last week we bar crawled through a lot of it! Today we’re going to cover Aldus Brewing, and then move downtown later this week!

Aldus Brewing: The Essentials

Named for Aldus Manutius, a 15th century Venetian printer, that was known for  mass making books and inventing italics! His motto was “Make Haste Slowly” and Aldus Brewing is trying to follow their namesake’s path of making their craft more accessible. And they’re located in an old pretzel factory!

Brews to Choose

Dad and I both did flights of four. The small pours are individually priced, so you can choose as many as you like. Mom went with the Luckie’s Hoppy Pale Ale as she knows she likes them hoppy.

  • My favorites of the flight were the Angel’s Dream, a golden ale brewed with lavender, lemons, thyme, and honey and the Arrow Matic IPA is always great.
  • Others I’ve had previously that I really enjoy: the Wee Dame (Scottish Ale), the Jason Hates It (West Coast IPA), and the White Bronco (It has OJ in it!)

Thankful Beers: Reader Edition

Last week I asked folks on Facebook what beers they were thankful for right now. Here’s some of what they offered:

Jesse said:

LordHobo – Boom Sauce: Used to only be able to get it back home in Mass, now I’ve seen it in several stores in DC. Very thankful for that. My favorite IPA. Juicy and sweet.


SingleCut – Jenny Said: Best IIPA made by hipsters in Queens. Thankful this brewery is distributing in DC area now and thankful they are mass producing this one. Sock you in mouth hop-forward, bitter at end, but delightful throughout.

And this came in from Jared:

Founders CBS… being released in bottles for the first time in six years. It’s aged in barrels that were used for both maple syrup and bourbon, so it has that hint of caramel-ly sweetness. Founders also ages their Frootwood cherry ale in the same barrels – very delicious.

Tim wrote:

Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue from Decorah, Iowa. They’ve expanded their distribution to MN, WI and IL. Absolutely love it when I go to small town Iowa and in the midst of all the Budweiser and Miller, Pseudo Sue is on tap.

And this winner came in from my sister (there’s always one):

Natural light
Miller light
Colors light
Bud light
Mikes hard lemonade

At least she put PBR on the list. There were a ton of great suggestions; I also got great new beers to put on the wishlist from Treehouse, Real Ale, the Alchemist, and Raleigh Brewing. Thanks everyone and check back later this week for Hanover, part 2!

Best Brews!


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