Beer That’ll Raise the Dead: Lazarus Brewing in Austin

There’s more to drink in Texas than just Shiner! (Though don’t get me wrong, I love a good Shiner). Today we going to cover one of my favorite breweries in the live music capital of the world: Austin Texas and Lazarus Brewing.

Lazarus Brewing: The Essentials

(Guest appearance by Balder the Bear)

Located in the hip neighborhood of East 6th Street, Lazarus  is a kid friendly, dog friendly brewery with a great patio, a coffee bar, and great street Tex-Mex food. Get some beers, get some tacos, and have a good time!

Brews to Choose

  • The Double Predestination is a fantastic Double IPA – some grapefruit, some pine, a lot of taste! The 40 Days and 40 Nights is also a hoppy delight.
  • The Signs and Wonders is a solid Porter, and Despereaux¬† is a tasty saison. Need a good drinking lager? Go with the King Frank.
  • The 20 Pound Brown wins my first BrewCoup award for “Great Moments in Beer Description Memory”:

“Back home in Montana, the big browns spawn in November. To catch them, you need to be waist deep in the river by 4 AM, even if it’s snowing. You just might land the fish of your life. Or get skunked. But either way, you’ll never forget it – just like this beer!”

What are your favorite Austin beers?

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