The Best Beers to Pair with Your Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween! It’s a day for tricks and treats, for goblins, ghosts, and ghouls, and costumes and candy! Here are some treat beers to go with whatever costume you may be wearing this year.

For Extreme Carnivores:

Beer: Terrapin Beer’s (Athens, GA) Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA

Pair With: your best zombie costume or as a character from a certain past its prime TV show.

For Nostalgic Nerds

Beer: Evil Genius’s (Philadelphia, PA) Turtle Power Grapefruit Pale Ale

Pair With: Your favorite adolescent ninja / Renaissance painter outfit. I’m a Donatello, personally.

For Those That Just Want To Be Themselves, But Evil

Beer: Evil Twin’s (Brooklyn, NY) Molotov Cocktail Triple IPA

Pair With: Put on some black and a goatee and you are good to go.

For Dark Witches and Warlocks

Beer: Adroit Theory’s (Purcellville, VA) Black As Your Soul (B/A/Y/S) Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout

Pair With: more black than above, less so the goatee. (Let’s be real, you’ve already got it all in your closet in regular rotation. Just go with it!)

For Theater Goers and Gardeners

Beer: Shipyard’s (Portland, ME) Little Horror of Hops Rye IPA

Pair With: Anything from Rick Moranis to Poison Ivy works. (now there’s a couple’s costume idea…)

For People That Won’t Be Happy Without One Pumpkin Beer On This List

Beer: Ballast Point’s (San Diego, CA) Pumpkin Down

Pair With: Almost too easy. Any Questions?

For Faustian Dealers or Soul Stealers

Beer: Victory’s (Downingtown, PA) HopDevil IPA

Pair With:  Get out your horns and pitchfork. And if you see someone dressed as a member of the Heavenly Host, make sure they’re drinking something by Angel City (Los Angeles, CA). Tell them that Power of Christ Compels Them!

For That Guy With A Banana Suit

Beer: Well’s (UK) Banana Bread Beer

Pair With: You know what to do. Just be careful of people in Gorilla outfits!

Happy Halloween and Best Brews!




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