New Kid On the Block: Twinpanzee Brewing

Near Dulles Airport and have some time on your hands? That happened to me last week and I decided to check out Twinpanzee Brewing. It’s a five minute drive from the airport and has is brand spanking new – they opened up about three months ago.

Twinpanzee: the Essentials

Brew to Choose

These self described “Primates with discerning taste and style” really like hops. They had three different IPAs on draft when I went and each were described as being “insanely hopped”. They weren’t doing flights, but did have cheap little pours so I was able to “drink around”. Of what I tried, I’d recommend:

  •  Galaxy of Apes: Apppppppeeeesssss iiiiiiinnnnn Spppppaaaaaaaccceeeee!
  • GF Punched Hefe: loved the grapefruit in this.

Check back on Thursday when we head back to Pennsylvania and check out some of the best beers in the Happiest of Valleys.

Best Brews,


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