Finding ABVs in the ABQ

Does anyone actually call it the ABQ? A question I should have asked when I was in Albuquerque. There are other things to do in ABQ (I’m going to keep tying that, because typing Albuquerque is impossible) besides Breaking Bad Meth Tours. There’s beer!

Boese Brothers Brewery

Boese Brothers was founded in 2014 by brother Sam and George Boese and like many good breweries is located in an old auto shop building. They are located right downtown on Gold Avenue and boast several tasty brews. When I was there a flight of all six beers on draft was only $10 and so I got to try everything.

Brews to Choose

  • Go with the Cascade Grenade. If not available, the Dr. Strangehop XPA is another good IPA.

Marble Brewery

Marble now has three locations in ABQ. They’ve been around since 2008 and was the 2014 Great American Beer Festival Small Brewery and Small Brewery Brewer of the Year. They’ve got food trucks there most nights and when I was there I had some amazing queso made with local chiles. New Mexico is obsessed with their chiles and so it is easy to have it incorporated into every meal while in the area. Want to know more about NM Chile Culture? SAVEUR has the scoop.

Brews to Choose

  • The Wildflower Weat is a nice, tasty pale wheat ale. The Paddy McNitro Stout is another winner.

Side Quests

  • ABQ is know for their awesome street murals. You can see some of the best here. My personal fave is this really nerdy one located outside Astro-Zombie Comics:

  • The Shop on 2933 Monte Vista Blvd NE is a great place to grab breakfast or lunch.
  • Drive out to Sandia Peak and take the scenic incline:
  • Don’t get involved in an puking, perversion, or poor font choices:

On Monday we’ll be doing New Mexico pt 2 with a trip to Santa Fe! But until then….

Best Brews!


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