Charlotte’s South End

It was 7AM on a Thursday morning and I was browsing flights on my phone when I noticed a ridiculously cheap fare to Charlotte, NC. The catch? It was for noon that day! I’d been told by some beer pros during a recent trip to Greensboro that Charlotte had a beer scene that now rivaled Asheville. So I booked it, packed an overnight bag, and headed for the airport! The first neighborhood I checked out was the highly recommended South End.

Wooden Robot

First off was Wooden Robot, which Yelp has ranked as the #1 brewery in town. It did not disappoint! I had many great brews over the trip, but Wooden Robot definitely had the most consistently tasty beers! Flights come in sets of five, which you choose. There were maybe ten options on draft at the time. There is a food truck on hand during evening hours for those looking to dine.

Brews to Choose:

  • Artoo, which is a Wild IPA (my favorite)
  • Get Pithy, a south farmhouse ale with lemon and cucumber made in collaboration with Bond Brothers.
  • Good Morning Vietnam, a coffee vanilla blonde ale. Usually not my thing, but it was tasty and seemed very popular with other customers.

Unknown Brewery

Unknown Brewery is just a few short blocks from Wooden Robot, so I headed there next! Imagine my surprise when I arrived and found they had live music on a Thursday night! Equally surprising: it was jam packed with people in Pittsburgh Steeler jerseys. I did not realize I was so close to Panthers stadium, and that the Steelers were in town for a preseason game that night. Because it was a game night, they weren’t doing flights, but it looks like they do on quieter nights.

Brews to Choose:

  • I had just one beer here but it was a good one: the Scratch n Sniff IPA. It’s a low abv (4.8%) easy drinking IPA.
  • Another to recommend: the Over the Edge IPA. I had it in South Carolina last summer and it’s another tasty one.

Sycamore Brewery

My final brewery was Sycamore. It’s about a five minute drive south of Unknown and Wooden Robot. It was a very active scene for a Thursday night and the beer options were interesting.

Brews to Choose:

  • Residue: their double IPA was the best of the bunch here
  • For those feeling adventurous, check out the Lunarcy Blonde Stout. It is Nutella flavored! I personally wasn’t a fan, but you might like it!

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